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Kawaii cat above us by MatiasCasamayor Kawaii cat above us :iconmatiascasamayor:MatiasCasamayor 42 5 Laundry by ankazhuravleva Laundry :iconankazhuravleva:ankazhuravleva 205 9
catching sand
He had a habit of catching things.
Usually, good things. A basketball, or a cat falling from a tree, or his baby sister, one memorable time, as she fell out of her crib.
It was instinct to him, second nature. He didn't need to think about it—his hands acted independently from the rest of him, completely on their own accord, risk and volition. His hands, to him, were unbearably selfish. They thought very little of consequence. Didn’t they care about the potential pain? Did it matter to them that what they caught might. . . hurt?
He was still rather young the first time he caught a knife that had fallen off the kitchen counter. He caught it, unfortunately, by the blade. It sliced cleanly into the chubby flesh of his little boy palms. His mother saw the blood spilling from his hands and screamed, uncurling his fingers from around the knife. She shrieked at him, her voice shrilly with fear. Why had he held onto it like that? Why did he catch it in the first place
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from the phantom, to the ruins
Skeleton boy—
You were an architectural masterpiece, a city caught aflame, Atlantis purged with fire—
you were destined to drown, but burned instead, 
cinders are not becoming of you.
Skeleton boy—your ghost left so long ago.
Turning your ribs into wind chimes will not summon back
all that you used to be.
Skeleton boy, remember that your crooked teeth are
bones too.
Bones that break, bones that splinter, like the words you uttered before you—
Your ribcage used to house a heart. I don’t think either of us realized
love had an expiry date.
Skeleton boy, your jaw works on
it is a door that promised so much, but you spent everything you had in you and
 regurgitated your insides
(they splattered out in perfect sonnets.)
Skeleton boy, maybe we should launch you into space, so
 your animated bones can fall apart in the absence of
(your inner) gravity is the only thing holding you together,
muscles and tendons wilted awa
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flowers of time
She sits in the corner of her room. Looking at the past through withered photographs. Some of them hold a mystery, secrets yet untold. One more look at memories, emotions so distant yet so real at this exact moment. 
She walks among the grasses surrounding her feet.
She watches the spring rain falling, shining through the rays of sun.
Something between the trees, out there in the wild, catches her eye.
She comes closer, looks down. There is a nest nearby tree’s roots.
Something moving inside. Something is hatching from an egg.
A phoenix? A dragon? Her and creature’s eyes meet.
A new relationship...
It’s name is relationship.
She takes a second look. It’s fluffy, squeaky, needy.
Looks up to her. It’s arms opened towards her.
It’s demeanor shouting, now! I must be yours now!
Charm is gone. There is warm, soft, sticky disgust.
Fluffy cuteness communicates: I won’t hurt you, I will be your servant Ma’am.
Fluffy cuteness doesn’t know it has met a hunter, not a Red Hood charming girl.
Heyy, I gotta go! She says it just like she has left a cake in the oven, so she must hurry.
“The cake in the oven” the vision of something resembling muffins emerges in her mind.
The cold shiver shakes her body upon that thought.
She turns over and walks back with a steady pace.
Once she has walked about a mile, she stops and takes a deep breath in.
“Never” she says in her thought.
I’m not made for that circus.
She takes a sit on the grass and watches the clouds moving in the crepuscular sky.
She watches the horizon afar.


suosana's Profile Picture
Travelling among many possibilities from music through writing and visual arts.
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, trance, many diffrent
Life seem to consist of waiting. I've been waiting for a few years to get closer to my dreams, and since some of them came true, still the biggest one was always out of reach. What I got instead was sort of ironic image of what I wished for... it didn't help that I finally got closer, went through these thousands of kilometres that were in between, didn't help I am surrounded by people from the same field, still he stays hidden somewhere behind the corner... so I keep on waiting...
Maybe in next 5 years there will come a day he'll take one step to find the girl living just next street.
Siis odotan...


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